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Made for Oceans

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Clean Ocean Fiber Technology was born with the goal of protecting life. 
The very foundation of life on this planet is developed and provided by the ocean ecosystem.

It is a fact: - No ocean, no life.


We have therefore created a solid structure of a well-regarded family business in Brazil to invest in BLUE's technologies and receive investments.

We currently control the rights to use international and national patents and the commercialization of BLUE's products and brands and receive Roiyites:


 Textile Technology: 

- Hybrid Fabric process and product / USA / BR

Granted Patent 

- M PULSE equipment / USA /EU /BR

Pending Patent 


Water filter technology

 Domestic and industrial Filter Technology:

 - M.A.G / Pending Patent / USA /EU /BR


Domestic Laundry Soap Technology


Register Trade Mark 


Our structure has a proposal to validate and proff real BLUE'S Technologies under our analysis make an investment or lock for an investor

Our planet today needs investment in restructuring processes!

Also making more closed-loop production, more use of renewable energy sources and above all, do not waste or contaminate natural resources.

As the founder of Clean Ocean Fiber Technology, inventor, researcher and industrialist, my view of today's technology must include the fundamentally important detail.

"Does this technology have the power to immediately benefit our entire ecosystem, or 65% consumers of the world's population living on a monthly minimum wage?"


Special Team

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Fernando  Marin

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Francisco Fantoni

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Antonio Marin

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Family Investor/ Advisor

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Victor Belota

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2020 sustainable fashion award winner

  Accelerated by 
Fashion District UK 2021

  Accelerated by 
Shell Start up engine 2021

Accelerated by
Fashion Italy -  2022

we are nature itself,  
not part of it. "Fernando Marin

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