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Made for Oceans

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Clean Ocean Fibre Technology was conceived with a singular mission: to safeguard life.

The very bedrock of life on our planet is intricately woven into the fabric of the ocean ecosystem.

A simple truth underscores our existence: No ocean, no life.

In pursuit of this mission, we have established a robust foundation as a respected family business in Brazil, dedicated to the creation and investment in BLUE's cutting-edge technologies.


We presently hold exclusive rights for the utilization of both international and national patents, as well as the commercialization of BLUE's innovative products and brands.

Our technologies are meticulously crafted for rapid scalability, seamlessly integrating into the textile value chain, providing a plug-and-play solution for brands and manufacturers.

Textile Technology:

  • Bio Yarn process and product / USA / BR Granted Patent

  • M-PULSE equipment / USA / EU / BR Pending Patent

Water Filter Technology:

Domestic and Industrial Filter Technology:

  • M.A.G / Pending Patent / USA / EU / BR

Domestic Laundry Soap Technology:

  • OCEANO BALANCE™ / BR Registered Trademark"

Our planet is at a crucial juncture, requiring strategic investments in the restructuring of processes. It is imperative to shift towards closed-loop production systems, increase reliance on renewable energy sources, and, most importantly, cease the wasteful or harmful utilization of natural resources.

In my role as the founder of Clean Ocean Fibre Technology and as an inventor, researcher, and industrialist, I advocate for a technological landscape that prioritizes a fundamental criterion: does the technology possess the capacity to swiftly enhance our entire ecosystem? Can it extend its benefits to the 65% of the world's population living on a monthly minimum wage?


These considerations are paramount in shaping the trajectory of today's technological advancements."


Special Team

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Fernando  Marin

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Francisco Fantoni

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Antonio Marin

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Family Investor/ Advisor

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Vitor Belota

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ESG / Adivisor



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2020 sustainable fashion award winner

  Accelerated by 
Fashion District UK 2021

  Accelerated by 
Shell Start up engine 2021

Accelerated by
Fashion Italy -  2022

we are nature itself,  
not part of it. "Fernando Marin

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